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Our Specialized Skills

Our Specialized Skills

Hashtag Digital

Your search for an Online Solution to your company’s growth ends at Hashtag Digital. We don’t just provide isolated solutions, we provide the entire solution, with a great end result.
Let me explain it this way: Hashtag Digital is like a doctor on call. When you come to us, we take your Case History, understand the underlying cause of the problem, identify the ailment, and prescribe the solution. And presto, we’re right there with you, for you, all along the way….
Sounds interesting? Let’s add to it:

Creating Strategies

So once you’ve chosen us, we have an efficient and able team of professionals, who get into the thick of the matter; right from understanding your product, its market, customers, and how best they can be reached and captured.

With our experience of Online Business, we optimise all available portals for you. We make sure that you are visible to your clients at all times and places.


Websites/ Landing Pages/ Social Media accounts/ Third party affiliations
Hashtag Digital creates websites that give your customers a great online experience. They are clear, concise and accesible which convert potential customers into actual ones. We make sure that our design, layout and content are aligned to sell better.
Our Landing Pages are also creatively designed for maximum visits.
We manage all your Social Media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to ensure maximum reach.
That being said, we fix up third party affiliations and set up accounts. In short, we strategise everything for you.


It’s very important to use all angles to market your products or services. Simply making a website or registering an online presence, won’t work anymore! The customer needs to be targeted from every possible angle.
The Marketing Solutions we offer are

1.Web Design & Development
2. SEO – Search engine optimization
3. SMM – Social Media Marketing
4. Content Marketing
5. Email Marketing

Data Analytics and Evaluation

The world works on data today and you are no exception. Businesses can’t sit back and relax once the marketing is over. Hashtag Digital runs the next race for you, by collecting and evaluating data from reliable sources and users.
You know your ROI, as we provide you the conversion and insights of our marketing endeavours.
Still thinking?
Let me put the cherry on the cake.


Hashtag Digital is gonna get your customers by hook or by crook! Growth is not just about getting new clients, it’s about retaining them! We don’t let your clients go haywire!
Our team makes sure that they’re aware of what’s new in your business, the offers, the services.
In short, your visibility and reminder to them is 24×7.
So your clients are getting converted as you sip a hot cup of coffee, because we’re there!
That’s what branding is all about, isn’t it?
Let’s make your success, our success! Come to us and we’ll make business run smoother for you.