What is Smart Card?

We’re one of the first QR code generators who procreate personalised QR codes as per your needs and requirements. Your Smart Card will have a QR code that stores your personal details including your name, address, email, contact number, company logo, designation and your website URL. You just need to scan the QR code using your phone and all these details will pop up and can be saved right there!


Go paperless, digital and hence a step forward to being environment conscious.



Access personal information on the go ‘cause you don’t have to carry visiting cards anymore.



It is quite easy to use as you just need to scan a QR Code from your smartphone.

How Will The QR Code Work?

Step 1

Scan the code.

Make sure that the QR code is clearly visible on your mobile or computer screen & scan the code to view the details.
Step 2

Notification Alert

Click on the pop-up and check the contact details.
Step 3

Details saved

After you’ve seen the details from the pop-up, you can now save the same.

Features of our QR Code

Few of the intriguing features of Smartcard are listed below:


Mention your full registered name.

Contact Number

Mention your active contact number.

Email Add

Mention your valid email address.

Office Add

Mention your current office address.

Designation and Company Name

Mention your current designation and company name.

Color Scheme

Company Logo and the QR Code in the Company Color Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

You just started out to use SmartCard and have a few doubts?
We’re here to answer all your questions in our FAQs.
No SmartCard does not need a specific scanner.
Yes, SmartCard is user-friendly for both. For android one will have to download an App to scan the QR Code and iPhone has a scanner of its own.
You need to only scan the QR Code.
The QR Code in Smartcard stores the personal details of a person.

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