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Top Seven Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

In this digitally driven era, technology is evolving at a speed where humans are unable to exploit its fullest potential. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, which were once ridiculed, are now shaping the face of data-driven marketing. No wonder businesses are eyeing for technologies to stay in the competition.
In this coming decade, assuming that the old age marketing tactics will bring you the desired result can be fatal for your business’s bottom-line.
If businesses want to survive in this day and age of technology, they must adopt a forward-thinking approach. Meaning, they must keep themselves abreast of digital marketing trends and adapt them to their strategies.
As we head towards 2020, we have brought you some top digital marketing predictions. I hope you give them a good read.

Trend #1: The Dominance of Artificial Intelligence

As predicted by Gartner a few years ago, 2020 is going to be the year of artificial intelligence. The impact of AI will be visible in most of new technology and software products and services.

If we go by the predictions from Techgrabyte, AI is going to open business opportunities for companies across industries in the next few decades. By 2030, AI technology is said to add a 14% increase to the global GDP.

We are all aware of how customer behavior has changed over the years. And on top of it, it’s becoming difficult than ever to predict their next move. This is where AI and machine learning are helping marketers understand consumers’ needs and actions better.
Till now, we have seen the use of AI in customer interactions, personalized emails, content creation, and online transactions. In the coming years, the prevalence of AI will be evident in customer behavior analysis, chatbots, and personalized customer interaction.

Trend #2: Insights-driven Marketing

Altimeter/Prophet State of Digital Marketing report has indicated that in the coming decade, most businesses would aim at enhancing data-driven marketing. 41% of those surveyed said they want data analysis aptitude in their marketing hires.
But, will insightful-marketing help businesses reach their bottom-line? Research by Mckinsey suggests that companies adopting data-driven marketing are 23 times likely to outperform the competition. The tactic will help enterprises to acquire new customers and improve customer loyalty.

Trend #3: Improved Customer Security

Data security has been a concern for many for the past few years. In 2020, customer security will not be just essential but a determining factor for a business’s success. Unless your customers are confident their information is in the right hands, they will not bother to do business with you. If you wish your business to survive in the age where data breaches have become a common phenomenon, you will need to focus on cybersecurity. Especially define how they use the cookies.
Even California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) highlight the need to keep customer data secure.

Trend #4 Conversational Marketing

Technological advances have made us a fast pacing civilization. Customers are always on their heels and prefer speedy solutions to their problems.
82% of consumers want an “immediate” response if they have a question.
And if you can’t give them that, they will not mind switching over to your competitors.
As we move ahead to a more advanced generation, your turnaround time will become crucial to your success. In the coming years, conversational marketing will be at prominence.
With conversational marketing, businesses can use customer data and feedback to improve conversion rates, build customer loyalty, and achieve optimum engagement. After all, when you have direct input from the end-users, you have better chances to improve your operations. Conversational marketing allows businesses to identify the scope of improvement and fill in the gap with more meaningful services, giving businesses a better chance to stand in the competition.

Trend #5 Interactive Content Marketing

Marketers have been emphasizing content to appeal to their target audience. In 2020, marketers will focus on generating sales through content. However, unlike static content, they will make use of interactive content to engage their customers with the brand.
In the coming years, we are likely to see more interactive content like infographics, Videos, Live Videos, 360-degree videos, Maps, Surveys, quizzes, etc.
With interactive content, businesses can grab the attention of the viewers while at the same time, offer the value. Such content will also help you keep your audience hooked to your brand for longer.

Trend #6 Personalization

If you think personalizing your services or content offers will not make any difference for your business in 2020, give a look at these stats.
Over 63% of consumers are annoyed with advertisements. 80% of consumers prefer businesses that offer personalized experiences. And over 90% of them consider personalized services appealing.
Moreover, emails that are personalized based on customer-data perform 3X better than generic emails.

Trend #7: Influencer Marketing

Although influencer marketing is here since the past few years, the trend will hit a new height in 2020. Influencer marketing is a word-of-mouth marketing that involves key leaders and dominant personalities to publicize a brand.
Given influencer marketing is more authentic than advertising; businesses have been using YouTubers and Instagram personalities with a huge fan base to spread brand awareness across the internet.
63% of consumers trust influencers rather than a brand. 58% of them have bought a new product on an influencer’s recommendation.
A Mediakix study considers influencer marketing more than a trend. They have predicted that by the next few years, the ad spend for influencer marketing will go up to $10 billion.
These are some of the trends that are going to rule the digital marketing landscape in 2020. What businesses need to remember is that customer behavior is changing with every passing year, and adapting to their requirements is the key to your success.

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